Meeting Burner Review – A New Webinar Service

There is a new webinar or meeting software available that many of you will like called MeetingBurner. It’s similar to GoToWebinar or Webex, but cheaper, sleeker, and easier to use for hosts and users alike.

Here are some of the features:

  • “Meet Now” links – meet immediately with hardly any setup
  • On demand conference lines – your number stays the same, so it’s easy to give out.
  • Webcam of the host in the upper left hand corner.
  • Screensharing – all of your screen or only parts of it
  • Works with Skype – The host can call in via Skype, so can participants (I’ve used this a lot and it works well)
  • Live chat – Participants can chat while the presentation is live if you would like them to
  • Q&A – There’s a Q&A box for questions
  • Meeting recording – very simple and also available without the video in mp3 format (this really helps if you’re making a course!) 

Timesaving Features

There are some features of Meeting Burner that are going to save an incredible amount of time for those of us who create information products. The first is that you can embed the video of the meeting in a website. You can also sent it to someone via email, or upload it to Youtube or Facebook. These would all be great for course participants who can’t make it to live webinars.

There is a free account available, but….

The free account has a limit of 15 participants and the features are somewhat limited (no meeting recordings, for example). To get access to the recording feature, you have to upgrade to the middle version which is $39.95 a month, and at that point you can have 50 participants. 

SMS Reminders, Replay Recorded Meetings, and a Paypal Paywall

In the “Elite” version ($99.95/month), you get even more features, like text messaging reminders, and (this is the exciting) the Elite version has the ability to charge for the meeting through Paypal. This is great, because it really cuts down the barrier to entry for you to create paid offerings.  This would be a great if you wanted to test a market or develop a minimum viable product (a small product to see if there is a market for your offer). You can download the video or audio of the meeting immediately after it is over.

You can also embed the meeting video in a website, send it to someone via email, or upload it to Youtube or Facebook. There is also an “Autopilot” feature which allows you to record the meeting one day and have it play on a different day.

Wondering if your participants are paying attention?

At the bottom of the screen, there’s a “Meeting Temperature” feature that allows your attendees to rate your presentation. I can think of some really interesting, creative ways to use this during a class to make it fun and up participation. On the fly surveys, that kind of thing!

At the end of the day, I think Meeting Burner is a great alternative to the more expensive options like GoToWebinar (which starts at $99/month) or WebEx (which isn’t very transparent with pricing and has been known to have strict contracts).  

Have you tried MeetingBurner? What did you think?

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  • Jeanne Supin

    Thanks for the great review! Just the right highlights, perfect timing for me, and really glad to have found your site.

  • Allan roger

    Yeah, I’ve used and loved MeetingBurner. Excellent service (albeit somewhat limited). I’ve been using RHUB’s all-in-one setup for my online collaborations.

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